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Engineering Industries have lot of scope and at the same time have lot of threat throughout the world and more in India. 


When India is projected to grow around 7 GDP much more than the China's growth due to stagnation. More and more multinational players are seriously looking at India where they can source, produce at competitive prices comparing to other developing nations.


I predict, most of the MNCs will come to India within next the decade to keep themselves in the business race & remain competitive. But there is a challenge for the Indian Engineering Industry to get into the groves of creating & following the time-tested systems and procedures so that every organisation is process dependent and not people dependent. 


As a post graduate engineering professional who has worked in various industries for the last 30 years and implemented many economic solutions for complex engineering issues, I am ready to help you for improving your organisation by identifying the area of improvements and create a system by which you can identify the CFS - Critical Factor for Success, KRA - Key Result Area and EAP - Executable Action Plans. 


Happy to Help...


Dr PS Kumar


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